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Believe this Myth and Never Unlock Your Value

One persistent myth about the strategic thinking process: it is long and cumbersome. Even if that were true in the past, it’s not so now. More importantly, it should not be! Strategic thinking is not “protracted thinking”—the kind that eventually coughs up a 500-page, door-stop-style plan that is shelved upon completion. If learned correctly, strategic thinking helps to create plans that are living documents—guiding decision-making on a daily basis. Strategic thinking becomes real, actionable, and accessible. Done collectively it is the kind of thinking that quickly galvanizes individuals, companies, and other organizations to produce positive results. Try it—answer these questions for yourself or your team—see what happens!

Source: Think to Win, McGraw-Hill, 2015

Unlock and Unleash to Add Value

Are Strategic Plans Obsolete?

In this week’s Wall Street Journal Article “Strategic Plans Lose Favor” (January 25, 2010— link below) the questions were surfaced about the value of Strategic Plans. It really brings the conversation front and center.
The world has changed and those companies that have not invested time in building the capability of their organization to think strategically could be in trouble.

A plan that is built and shared at only at the top of the organization will just not work.

The strategic plans that we see working are living documents! They are collectively built, fact-based, externally focused and flexible. They have mechanisms to quickly address and communicate what an organization should start, stop or continue on a regular basis.

Leaders in every function and at all levels are trained to think and act strategically so that the organization is alert every day, week and month to renew their strategy.

All the best, Paul