Hurricane Harvey – Everyday heroes collaborating to save lives

Evacuees_Sun_night_MS_TT (1)

The destruction caused by Hurricane Zachary is staggering.  I cannot begin to comprehend what people must be going through. Amongst this devastation we should not forget the victims and their families. Please consider donating to a charity such as the Red Cross

In the midst of this tragedy, we should give a shout-out and recognize those everyday heroes. There are hundreds of stories of how rescue workers and volunteers worked together to save lives. What we should pay close attention to is how they did it — AUTOMATIC COLLOBATION!  First, they did not let “stuff” get in the way. Regardless of job title, race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation everyone could contribute. Secondly, they quickly assessed where help was needed and only used the tools and resources that were at hand. The result was saving thousands of people and getting them to a safe place.

We can all learn from this. While we might no be saving lives, we could be changing them.