Do You Want to Win?

Are you a soon-to-be college graduate thinking about looking for your first professional job and feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Candace when she started her job search discovered in Think To Win (TTW) her business class textbook a process that saved her time and helped her to be realistic about her choices. In addition it explained how to evaluate herself as a prospective employee and evaluate the threats and opportunities in the job market.

Candace researched the job market and found prospects not as bleak as she had imagined. She realistically looked at the geographic area for her job search and found opportunities existed in NYC and Boston two of her first choice cities.

An honest self-evaluation of the skills she possesses and the ones she needs to improve have further sharpened her career focus. She is aware of the competition but as a young creative person with strong social media skills she is confident she can make an impression.

Candace wants a position with an organization where she can learn and grow as a person and a professional. What’s next for Candace is to network her personal and professional contacts and look for employment opportunities. She plans to keep TTW handy as she navigates the strategic process for her first professional job and future endeavors.

Now ask yourself:

Do you know how to position yourself in the job market, based on your strengths, and weaknesses?

Have you taken into consideration the people you know and how they could help you?

What will you specifically do? Who can help you? When will it be done?

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