Monthly Archives: October 2014

Creating a common business language

A recent Rosetta Stone TV commercial “Create a Smaller World”, imagines what the world would be like if we all learned just one more language. The spot speaks to the incredible power of learning a language.  The stories we could share, the dinner conversations that would occur and the unlikely conversations that would become likely. Think about it….what would the world be like if we all could learn one more language? Imagine what the possibilities could be! And perhaps the most exciting possibility is that we might still have disagreements but we would all be rooted in a common understanding. The dimension of PROCESS employed by GlobalEdg refers to “a structured approach that employs a common language for identifying business issues.” In our research, we have been able to demonstrate that our training significantly improves the ability of workshop attendees to, “use one business language with terms that are clear and simple to grasp.”, based on a comparison of pre/post data. And speaking the same language has huge payoffs, as this leads to “a common approach that is utilized throughout the organization to drive change”, as demonstrated by our research which showed an increase in this dimension, which went from 20.3% pre to 32.3% post the workshop training