Monthly Archives: June 2014

The World Cup Has Me Thinking – 3 Lessons For Teams

Watching the World Cup games had me thinking about players who usually play in their “premier” leagues joining a “national team” – a few thoughts that might correlate with your business team:

1. Put them in a new uniform – but the same uniform all the others wear – What is symbolic of a uniform on your team? ONBOARD FAST!

2. Ask them to communicate in their primary language – What common business language is used in your organization? TEACH THEM QUICKLY!

3. They prepare – they identify opponent’s weaknesses? What is your competitive advantage –do you really know how to use it? MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar series to learn some of these techniques!

GlobalEdg Approaching 8 Year Anniversary!

GlobalEdg is celebrating our anniversary of eight years in business. We have been fortunate to work with some great organizations of all sizes. You have told us we are making a difference in how leaders collaborate, how organizations solve problems, and add value to.

Thank you! We are attaching an updated GlobalEdg overview. Again, thank you for your ongoing support,

Paul Butler

President & Founder of GlobalEdg