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What do CEO’s need most.

We have found it so many times …. We work with senior executives all over the world and are often struck by what we find.   Every successful encounter we have had — whether one-on-one, or facilitating a strategic leadership off-site meeting requires people to lead and work in an authentic manner.  It breaks down the barriers and allows real change and innovation to happen. This really came to light based on a coaching session with an executive. After facilitating an off-site retreat attending by the senior leaders of a  large organization, I asked the  CEO why he felt he had to “put his  game face on” when he was at the office — his response, “it is funny you said that, my wife and I were hosting  a corporate awards ceremony  last month.  After we got back home that night she told me she did not recognize the person she was married to. “What is most important to you outside of “work” is what should also be most important to you inside of work. Click below to read an article that is in the latest issue of Psychology Today.

“Don’t get too touchy-feely”

We have found it so many times …. We lead hundreds of  team sessions with executives all over the world and are often struck by what we find.  “Don’t get too touch – feely with us — focus on the business issues and really help us get to resolution.”  Every successful strategic planning session we have ever led has required that three principles be identified and brought to life: 1) Be open to what others have to say; 2) Carve out time to better understand who they are and what each member of the team brings to the table and; 3) Have a pulse on what others are saying about them as leaders who are not in the room.   It is then, and only then, can real progress be made.  This is not “touch — feely” only good business!