Monthly Archives: February 2012

Preserve the core – stimulate change.

This is an important concept – people should always “dig” in and ask the important questions during times of change –What do we need to preserve? What is core to who we are? What makes us unique and different? Have we lost that? How do we know? If we still have it, how would we describe it?

At your next meeting –spend time talking about this –no matter what the size of your organization, it is worth the time. Then ask “What must we stop doing or do differently to preserve the core?”

Fortune Article: McDonald’s — what did they learn from this?

We often talk about the importance of looking outside in – constantly keeping your pulse on the finger of your Customers and Consumers – two important questions we always ask Senior Leaders are what did you learn and what are the implications for your organization. Enjoy the article with those in mind.

Click here to read the full article: Why McDonald’s should have known better