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Who is managing your succession? Are you slipping through the cracks?

Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on a wall?  Did you ever wonder what they were saying about you? Whether it is a board of directors, the Chief Marketing Officer, or your immediate boss, someone is talking about you and your future.  Are you leaving your succession conversations in the hands of others? Just as importantly, what tools or process is the organization using to guide the process?  A recent survey by the American Management Association indicated that most organizations still use informal approaches to identify future leaders. What implications does that have on you and your organization?

Four things you should do:

  1. Be honest with yourself about what it important to you. Declare it to others. What does a meaningful workplace mean to you and those that you mentor?  A couple of good references are Neal Chalofsky’s Meaningful Workplaces and Dave Ulrich’s The Why of Work.
  2. Are you mobile? A former boss of mine told me to remember “everyone is mobile until they ask you to move.” It is ok to challenge the status quo – what does mobility mean in today’s world of work? After all, it is your life we are talking about here.
  3. Finally, what tools does the organization have in place to guide this process for you? How much time and energy do you have invested in this?  If you invest your time here – just like you would with one important presentation, you would be better off.  How have you approached it when you were in a job search externally?
  4. Try getting it down on one page. It is hard to do, but it will make it clear in your own mind. There are many tools out there for your own use.

Are you slipping through the cracks?

amachart1Source: American Management Association Enterprise, 2011