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Forbes: Why Google is Winning the Smartphone War

Google / Motorola Deal — Forget technology — it will be the strategic choices around culture that make a difference.

When we teach about strategy in our seminars, we talk about strategy as choices. One of the primary challenges is to get leaders to look at both the “hard” and “soft” choices they must make. The “hard” or “business” focus on elements such as products, technology, market share, customer and consumer, is a given. What is not always a parallel conversation are the “soft” or “cultural” elements, such as behaviors, rituals, engagement, relationships, etc. Although it is part of the conversation, it is often relegated to “implications on people” or “impact on culture”and can easily be reversed. What impact will these cultures have on the products and services of the future of this combined organization? It will be interesting to see how the two organizations will “merge” cultures.

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