Monthly Archives: June 2010

Taking complexity out of your business and ultimately your life —What do you stop doing?

While browsing through today’s Wall Street Journal health journal section, I can across an interesting, but not surprising statistic. A recent survey found that 56% of the people say they are in more in need of a vacation that in past years. Of all work /life balance issues I have found in my work, one of the most obviously happens unintentionally. When a small team of people working together to produce outstanding results they often come to a breaking point. They can not sustain the current way they operate due to the added complexity of what they are trying to manage. Projects get added and what usually happens? They continue to add “stuff” without taking anything off of the plate. They do not collectively ask themselves, “What can we stop doing?” Individuals heroically try to continue providing value to internal or external customers –often at the expense to their personal well being. A tried solution –- run an exercise with your team on what to stop doing – try it. It will immediately relieve the organizational, team and individual stress levels.